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The 100 American People You Should Know

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41. John Lennon: A Founding Member of the Beatles

42. D.B. Cooper: The Infamous Skyjacker

43. O.J. Simpson: American Hero and Villain

44. Billie Jean King: An Advocate of Equal Rights for Women

45. Madonna: A Musical Legend

46. Neil Armstrong: The Man who Walked on the Moon

47. Mark Twain: A Great American Author

48. Christopher Reeve: A Real-Life Superman

49. Richard M. Nixon: A Presidency Lost

50. Clint Eastwood: A Filmmaker Like No Other

51. Michael Moore: Exposing the Truth

52. Bill Maher: Mr. Liberal

53. Cesar Chavez: The Voice of Equality

54. Hugh Hefner: The Greatest Playboy

55. Tom Hanks: A Great American Actor

56. Johnny Carson: The Late Night King of TV

57. Helen Keller: Overcoming Disability

58. Elvis Presley: The King of Rock 'n' Roll

59. Frederick Douglass: From Slave to Emancipator

60. Audie Murphy: An American War Hero

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