The Haunting Of Whaley House DVDRIP


1. Applying For a Driving Permit

2. Taking the Written Test

3. Learning How to Drive (1)

4. Learning How to Drive (2)

5. Failing the Road Test

6. Passing the Road Test

7. Getting the Driver's License

8. Asking Where to Park on Campus

9. Getting a Parking Ticket

10. Paying Off Parking Tickets

11. Failing to Stop at a Stop Sign

12. Driving Through a Red Light

13. Fighting a Ticket in Court (1)

14. Fighting a Ticket in Court (2)

15. Paying the Ticket Fine

16. Calling a Traffic School to Make an Appointment

17. Talking to the Traffic School Instructor

18. A Traffic Incident

19. A Car Accident

20. Calling the Insurance Company


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